Global Mobility Newsletter #1/2022

We are pleased to present the 1st edition of our WTS Global Mobility Newsletter for 2022. The Global Mobility environment is changing in a dynamic way.

Remote (cross border) work is still the HR hot topic no. 1 – no surprise that it was the main agenda item at our WTS Global Mobility Summit 2022 with our clients in Linz, Austria some weeks ago.

A HR head of a German based DAX company told us just recently: “For me, the HR world has changed completely. We used to work with established, clearly structured mobile instruments, such as short or long term assignments. And yes, for very senior persons, we made special efforts to give them comfort by a special organization set up. But now, the world is not anymore an employer driven mobility, it is an employee driven mobility. They intend to decide where and how to work. If we don‘t accept this, we lose the battle for talents ……”

In addition to this topic, the Corona measures and of course the effects of the Ukraine crisis continue to dominate the headlines.

Therefore, to keep you up to date, our WTS Global Mobility Newsletter provides you with an overview of recent developments in selected countries.

We hope you find our newsletter useful and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Our experts of the WTS Global Mobility team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of this newsletter.

For the full Newsletter, please see: Global Mobility Newsletter #1/2022.


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