Impact of COVID-19

Update per 06 June 2020

Vietnam has, beginning with the first information on the new Coronavirus disease COVID-19 taken very strict measures
to prevent spreading of the virus. A policy of social distancing has been implemented. The policy has been successful,
since some weeks no new infections have been detected within the domestic population. No deaths caused by COVID-19
have occurred in Vietnam. Few active cases and new infections are detected among the persons entering Vietnam from
abroad and staying in quarantine.

The disease now is under control. Business and private life within Vietnam are back to normal.

Entering Vietnam from abroad is still not possible, except for a very limited number of exceptions. All persons entering
Vietnam must stay in government-controlled quarantine for 2 weeks and will be closely monitored for being infected.

A. Immigration

  • Visa exemptions are suspended.
  • No Visa will be granted for persons staying outside Vietnam. A re-opening of this process is expected to be implemented shortly.
  • Holders of a valid Working Visa or Business Visa may enter Vietnam.
  • A health certificate issued in the country of departure must be submitted stating that no COVID-19 infection is given.
  • Visa extensions for persons staying in Vietnam are possible
    Caution is recommended when dealing with agents who promise to organize “all visa” right now. 
  • A health check is made upon entry to Vietnam.
  • Foreigners having entered Vietnam on a tourist visa, e-visa or visa exemption since 01 March 2020 and got stuck in
    Vietnam due to the COVID-19 situation, are having their right to stay in Vietnam automatically extended per 30 June 2020.
    Holders of a Business Visa must obtain extensions.
  • For certain islands, esp. Phu Quoc, it is considered to re-open them for international tourism. Details on this are expected to
    be published soon.

B. International flights are suspended

All flights to and from Vietnam are suspended. Evacuations from Vietnam and of Vietnamese abroad to Vietnam have been organized.

It is expected that a few international flights will be taken up soon.

C. Quarantine

As from 21 March 2020 0:00 Vietnam time, all persons entering Vietnam (also Vietnamese) will be taken to quarantine
units under government control.

D. Work Permit

Applications for new Work Permits, Work Permit exemptions are not accepted. It is expected that this will change soon.

E. Outlook

Probably re-opening Vietnam for international travelers will be managed step by step for ensuring that no new infections are
brought to Vietnam. Priority will have the managers of companies operating in Vietnam and certain experts.

Probably the quarantine upon entry to Vietnam will (after it is allowed again) remain in force for some time.

For Country updates on the implications of the Coronavirus, please see here

 Wolfram Grünkorn
Chairman of the Members Council


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