Global VAT Newsletter #4/2021

In anticipation of the upcoming year’s end, it is about the right time to outline some of the New Year resolutions of various tax administrations and lawmakers for the year 2022 – the fourth edition of the WTS Global VAT Newsletter 2021 provides respective global insights as well as the latest insights on changes in jurisdiction in terms of VAT and GST.

A high court ruling in Austria allows taxpayers to ask for interest on overdue input VAT credits. France is striving for a significant reform for e-invoicing and e-reporting, but decided to postpone the go-live by 15 months. Adoption of ECJ rulings is almost inevitable, but for Germany the sale of admission tickets might be the root cause for increasing regis-tration obligations. On the other hand, Germany is granting another year to taxpayers with regard to the adoption of the change in VAT and insurance tax rules for warranty commit-ments as announced in our newsletter #3/2021. Hungary utilises digitalisation for provid-ing prepopulated VAT returns to its taxpayers. Despite calling it “SLIM VAT 2”, Poland is in no way putting its tax law on a diet, it is rather establishing new rules on bad debt relief and VAT groups. The utilisation of IT requires reliably structured data, which is why Romania defines the requirements for Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T).

Beyond Europe, a decision of the supreme court in Ukraine should be noted, as it may enable the determination of whether or not motivational fees have to be considered as a remuneration, e.g. for marketing services.

For the full Newsletter, please see: WTS Global VAT Newsletter #4/2021



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