WTS Global announces new board

The new board consists of 10 high-caliber directors from 4 continents and continues its ambitious internationalization and integration process

The new board, elected by the WTS Global General Assembly, consists of 10 board directors from 4 continents: two from the Americas, two from Asia Pacific and India, one from Africa, two from Europe, and three from Germany as the founding member.

With this high-caliber board of senior directors, WTS Global continues to internationalize and further build a robust and diverse governance structure. The declared strategic mission is to be recognized as the leading tax organization worldwide. Against this background, all board directors are committed to building the tax firm of the future. Each of the directors will take on a dedicated and active role within the organization subject to regular review.

All board members act as a representative of his/her constituency to ensure close communication and a high degree of involvement between the global level and the regions.

The principal function of the board is supervisory, whilst all day to day operations are the responsibility of the CEO, Wim Wuyts and his dedicated senior Global Executive Team (GET).

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